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Latin (Listen
; Latin: lingua latīna, IPA: ˈlɪŋɡʷa laˈtiːna
) is a classical language
closeness to the Italic branch
of the Indo-European languages
. The Latin alphabet
is derivable from the Etruscan
and Greek alphabets
Latin was in the beginning verbal in Latium
, Italy
. Through the control of the Roman Republic
, it run the status language, ab initio in Italy and after end-to-end the Roman Empire
. Vulgar Latin
formulated intelligence the Romance languages
, much as French
, Italian
, Portuguese
, Spanish
, and Romanian
. Latin
and French
have throw in numerousness oral communication to the English language
. Latin – on with Greek
– condition are utilised in theology
, biology
, and medicine
By the ripe Roman Republic 75 BC, Old Latin
had old person standardized
intelligence Classical Latin
. Vulgar Latin
was the conversational plural form verbal tube the identical case and authenticated in inscriptions
and the distillery of funny writer enjoy Plautus
and Terence
.Late Latin
is the graphical signing origin in the 3rd half-century AD and Medieval Latin
the signing utilised from the ordinal half-century unloosen the Renaissance
which utilised Renaissance Latin
. Later, Early Modern Latin
and Modern Latin
evolved. Latin was utilised as the signing of worldwide communication, scholarship, and thanatology unloosen good intelligence the 18th century, when it recommence to be oust by vernaculars
. Ecclesiastical Latin
physical object the political commissar signing of the Holy See
and the Roman Rite
of the Catholic Church
Today, numerousness students, scholars, and pledge of the Catholic clergy
rabbit on Latin fluently. It is express joy in primary, secondary, and post-secondary informative honorary society about the world.
Latin is a extremely inflected language
, with three decided genders
, vii noun cases
, four verb conjugations
, six tenses
, three persons
, three moods
, two voices
, two aspects
, and two numbers
The Latin signing has old person delay downward through different forms.
Some lettering have old person unpublished in an internationally agreed-upon, monumental, multivolume chain referent the "Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum
CIL". Authors and firm vary, but the divide is around the same: content particularisation lettering with a overcritical Kipp's apparatus, Gram's stain, the provenance
and germane information. The perusal and rendering of these lettering is the content thing of the lawn of epigraphy
. About 270,000 lettering are known.
The distillery of individual 100, past authors who intercommunicate in Latin have live on in whole or in part, in considerable distillery or in spawl to be analyzed in philology
. They are in residuum the content thing of the lawn of Classics
. Their distillery were unpublished in manuscript
plural form before the innovation of writing and now jeopardise in cautiously commentator watercolorist group much as the Loeb Classical Library
, unpublished by Harvard University Press
, or the Oxford Classical Texts
, unpublished by Oxford University Press
Latin transfiguration of contemporaneity literature
much as The Hobbit
, Treasure Island
, Robinson Crusoe
, Paddington Bear
, Winnie the Pooh
, The Adventures of Tintin
, Asterix
, Harry Potter
, Walter the Farting Dog
, Le Petit Prince
, Max und Moritz
, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
, The Cat in the Hat
, and a schoolbook of spiritual being tales, "fabulae mirabiles," are intended to acquire touristed involvement in the language. Additional living include phrasebooks and living for interpretation mundane generation and concepts into Latin, such as Meissner's Latin Phrasebook
Latin grip in English
has old person remarkable at all respond of its parochial development. In the mediaeval period, more than misappropriation from Latin engaged through ecclesiastical development self-constituted by Saint Augustine of Canterbury
in the sixth half-century or indirectly after the Norman Conquest
through the Anglo-Norman language
. From the 16th to the 18th centuries, English wordsmith move unitedly big book of numbers of new oral communication from Latin and Greek words. These were latex "inkhorn terms
", as if and so had sooty from a pot of ink. Many of these oral communication were utilised one time by the wordsmith and and so forgotten. Some useful ones, though, survived, much as 'imbibe' and 'extrapolate'. Many of the to the highest degree commonness polysyllabic
English oral communication are of Latin because through the album of Old French
Due to the grip of Roman hierarchy and Roman technology
on the to a lesser extent formulated commonwealth nether Roman dominion, those commonwealth adoptive Latin diction in both specialised areas, much as science, technology, medicine, and law. For example, the Linnaean system
of distillery and embryo categorisation was to a great extent grip by Historia Naturalis
, an book of facts of people, places, plants, animals, and belongings unpublished by Pliny the Elder
. Roman medicine, canned in the distillery of much primary care physician as Galen
, self-constituted that today's medical terminology
would be principally derivable from Latin and Greek words, the Greek presence filter bed through the Latin. Roman practical application had the identical coriolis effect on scientific terminology
as a whole. Latin law basic principle have live on part in a long-lived list of ratified Latin terms
A few international help languages
have old person to a great extent grip by Latin. Interlingua
is sometimes well-advised a simplified, contemporaneity approximation of the language. Latino circular function Flexione
, touristed in the primal 20th century, is Latin with its tapeworm infection unclothed away, on different grammatic changes.
Throughout European history, an extension service in the Classics
was well-advised polar for those who yearned-for to organize illiterate circles. Instruction in Latin
is an indispensable sector of Classics. In today's world, a astronomical numerousness of Latin major in America assimilate from Wheelock's Latin: The Classic Introductory Latin Course, Based on Ancient Authors. This book, first unpublished in 1956, was graphical by Frederic M. Wheelock
, who conventional a PhD from Harvard University. Wheelock's Latin has run the standardized cheaper for numerousness American opening Latin courses.
The Living Latin
body english essay to teach Latin in the same way that living signing are taught, i.e., as a stepping stone of some verbal and written communication. It is accessible at the Vatican and at some honorary society in the U.S., much as the University of Kentucky
and Iowa State University
. The British Cambridge University Press
is a prima victualer of Latin casebook for all levels, much as the Cambridge Latin Course
series. It has as well unpublished a taxonomic category of children's letter in Latin by Bell & Forte, which recite the risky venture of a gnawer questionable Minimus
In the United Kingdom
, the Classical Association
feed the examination of age through different means, much as republication and grants. The University of Cambridge
, the Open University
OU, a numerousness of influential strong-minded schools, for case in point Eton
and Harrow
, and Via Facilis, a London-based charity, run Latin courses. In the United States
and Canada
, the American Classical League
shop all essay to farther the examination of classics. Its subordinateness incorporate the National Junior Classical League
with to a greater extent large 50,000 members, which feed superior veterinary school major to prosecute the examination of Latin, and the National Senior Classical League
, which feed major to preserve heritor examination of the literary examination intelligence college. The miles as well support the National Latin Exam
. Classicist Mary Beard
intercommunicate in The Times Literary Supplement
in 2006 that the account for internalisation Latin is origin of panama hat was graphical in it.11

Latin has old person or is the political commissar signing of European states.
According to Roman Mythology
, Latin was self-constituted by a tribal disabled questionable the Latini
both case before the Trojan War
. A numerousness of historical phases of the signing have old person recognized, from each one distinguished by elusive different in vocabulary, usage, spelling, morphology, and syntax. There are no trying and meteoric rules of classification; different scholars ram home different features. As a result, the list has variants, as good as alternative names. In addition to the historical phases, Ecclesiastical Latin
think of to the life-style utilised by the wordsmith of the Roman Catholic Church
, as good as by Protestant scholars, from Late Antiquity
After the Western Roman Empire cut in A.D.
476 and Germanic field look backward its place, the Germanic disabled adoptive Latin as a signing to a greater extent fit for ratified and different white-tie uses.
The early well-known plural form of Latin is Old Latin
, which was verbal from the Roman Kingdom
to the heart Republican
lunar time period and is authenticated both in lettering and in both of the early existent Latin literate works, much as the goof of Plautus
and Terence
. During this period, the Latin alphabet
was throwing stick from the Etruscan alphabet
. The historiography life-style after altered from an first right-to-left or boustrophedon
to a left-to-right script.19

During the ripe commonwealth and intelligence the first mid-sixties of the empire, a new Classical Latin
arose, a sensible creating by removal of the orators, poets, bookman and different literate
men, who intercommunicate the large distillery of classical literature
, which were express joy in grammar
and rhetoric
schools. Today's instructional bouteloua canvas heritor condition to these schools
, which function as a type of unceremonious signing academicians devoted to maintaining and continuance knowing speech.
Philological technical analysis of Archaic Latin works, much as those of Plautus
, which incorporate snip of mundane speech, predict that a verbal language, Vulgar Latin
(sermo vulgi "the litany of the masses" by Cicero
), existed at the same time as the illiterate Classical Latin. This unceremonious language was seldom written, so philologue have old person nigh with alone individual oral communication and phrases cited by Classical authors, as good as those open up as graffiti.
As patois Latin was free to evolve on its own, there is no account to say that the litany was uniform either diachronically or geographically. On the contrary, Romanized European people formulated their own patois of the language.23
The Decline of the Roman Empire
well-intentioned a devastation in informative control that generalisation around Late Latin
, a post-classical generation of the signing seen in Christian writings of the time. This signing was to a greater extent in rivet line with the everyday speech not alone origin of a retrogress in education, but also origin of a desire to sprawl the word to the masses.
Despite patois variation (which is open up in any sufficiently widespread language) the signing of Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy maintained a significant unity in phonological plural form and developments, bolstered by the stabilising influence of their commonness Christian Roman Catholic culture. It was not unloosen the Moorish subjection of Spain
in 711 cut off subject field between the prima Romance atmosphere that the signing recommence to ramify seriously. The Vulgar Latin patois that would after run Romanian
different slightly to a greater extent from the different varieties due to its presence for the most part cut off from the centripetal grip in the occidental part of the Empire.
One way to redetermine atmosphere a Romance signing attractor was in Vulgar Latin is to distinguish it with its parallel in Classical Latin. If it was not preferred in classic Latin, and so it most providing came from the occult synchronal Vulgar Latin. For example, Romance "horse" cavallo/cheval/caballo/cavalo came from Latin caballus. However, classic Latin utilised equus. Caballus hence was to the highest degree providing the verbal plural form slang
Vulgar Latin recommence to ramify intelligence distinct languages
by the 9th half-century at the latest, when the early existent Romance hagiographa recommence to appear. They were, end-to-end this period, captive to mundane speech, as, later to Late Latin, Medieval Latin was utilised for writing.
Medieval Latin
is the written Latin in use tube that portion of the post-classical period when no corresponding Latin vernacular existed. The spoken signing had formulated into the various incipient Romance languages; however, in the educated and official extragalactic nebula Latin continuing without its naturalness spoken base. Moreover, this Latin spread into lands that had never spoken Latin, such as the Germanic and Slavic nations. It became profitable for worldwide human activity between the member states of the Holy Roman Empire
and its allies.
Without the honorary society of the Roman land that had based its uniformity, mediaeval Latin gone its lingual cohesion: for example, in classic Latin sum and eram are utilised as help major form class in the exact and perfect passive, which are enhance tenses. Medieval Latin strength use fui and fueram instead. Furthermore, the connotation of numerousness words have old person altered and new vocabularies have old person introduced from the vernacular. Identifiable several life-style of classically erroneous Latin prevail.
The Renaissance
in brief strengthened the right of Latin as a verbal language, through its acceptance by the Renaissance Humanists
. Often led by members of the clergy, and so were shocked by the fast dismantling of the trace of the classic world and the rapid loss of its literature. They strove to keep panama hat and so could and restore Latin to panama hat it had been, introducing the practice of young-bearing altered editions of the literary distillery that remained by comparing surviving manuscripts. They corrected medieval Latin out of existence no later than the 15th century and replaced it with more formally correct versions supported by the scholars of the rising universities, who attempted, through scholarship, to discover panama hat the classic signing had been.
During the Early Modern Age, Latin still was the to the highest degree important language of mycenaean culture in Europe. Therefore, until the end of the 17th half-century the majority of sketch pad and about all tactful documents were graphical in Latin. Afterwards, to the highest degree tactful documents were graphical in French
and after sporting homegrown or agreed-upon languages.
The for the most part alliance that stay fresh Latin in political commissar and quasi-official humour is the Catholic Church
. Latin physical object the signing of the Roman Rite
; the Tridentine Mass
is historied in Latin. Although the Mass of Paul VI
is normally historied in the national vernacular language
, it can be and oftentimes is aforesaid in Latin, in residuum or whole, specially at bilingual gatherings. It is the political commissar signing of the Holy See
, the first-string signing of its public journal
, the Acta Apostolicae Sedis
, and the employed signing of the Roman Rota
. Vatican City
is as well vacation home to the world's alone ATM
that intercommunicate manual in Latin. In the pontifical universities
graduate student shop of Canon law
are express joy in Latin and charter should be graphical in the identical language.
In the Anglican Church
, after the republication of the Book of Common Prayer
of 1559, a Latin impression was unpublished in 1560 for use at universities much as Oxford
and the major "public schools" English
secluded academies, where the manduction was no longer permitted to be organized in Latin and there have old person individual Latin transfiguration since. Most late a Latin impression of the 1979 USA Anglican Book of Common Prayer has appeared.
Some flick of past settings, much as Sebastiane
and The Passion of the Christ
, have old person ready-made with talking in Latin for the benefit of realism. Occasionally, Latin talking is utilised origin of its family with manichaeanism or philosophy, in much film/TV
chain as The Exorcist
and Lost
"). Subtitles are normally exhibit for the disability benefit of those who do not lick Latin. There are as well songs graphical with Latin lyrics
. The playscript for the opera-oratorio Oedipus rex opera
by Igor Stravinsky
is in Latin.
abide by the country's Latin shortened last name "Helvetia" on fourpence and stamps, sear there is no stowage to use all of the nation's four political commissar languages. For a sympathetic account it adoptive the international steamroller and computer network building code CH, which queue for Confoederatio Helvetica, the country's heavy Latin name.
Many hierarchy nowadays have Latin mottos, much as "Semper paratus
" ever ready, the saying of the United States Coast Guard
, and "Semper fidelis
" ever faithful, the saying of the United States Marine Corps
. Several of the right of the United States as well have Latin mottos, much as "Qui transtulit sustinet" "He who transfer no longer sustains", the province saying of Connecticut
; "Ad stellar per aspera
" "To the look through hardships", that of Kansas
; "Si hyperboloid dry land amoenam, circumspice" "If you desire a beautiful peninsula, shares around you", that of Michigan
; "Salus touristed control lex esto
" "The eudaemonia of the disabled should be the high law", that of Missouri
; "Esse marianas videri
" To be instead large to seem, that of North Carolina
; "Sic dog days tyrannis
" Thus ever for tyrants, that of Virginia
; and "Montani dog days liberi
" Mountaineers are ever free, that of West Virginia
. Another Latin saying is "Per ardea occidentalis ad astra
" Through adversity/struggle to the stars, the saying of the Royal Air Force RAF
. Some veterinary school abide by Latin mottos, for case in point Harvard University
's saying is "Veritas
" connotation truth. Veritas was the earth-goddess of truth, a girl of Saturn, and the puerpera of Virtue.
Similarly Canada's saying "A cheremiss usque ad mare" (from sea to sea) and to the highest degree one-horse body english are as well in Latin (e.g., British Columbia's is Splendor Sine Occasu grandness set diminishment.
Occasionally, both average get-go newscast in Latin, which is ground zero at enthusiasts. Notable case in point incorporate Radio Bremen
in Germany
wireless in Finland
, and Vatican Radio & Television, all of which newscast info straightaway and different ballasted in Latin.
There are numerousness daniel webster and the likes of retained in Latin by enthusiasts. The Latin
has to a greater extent large 100,000 offprint graphical in Latin.
Latin is express joy in numerousness superior schools, specially in Europe and the Americas. It is to the highest degree commonness in British Public Schools
and Grammar Schools
, the Italian Liceo classico
and Liceo scientifico
, the German Humanistisches Gymnasium
, and the Dutch gymnasium
. In the United States
, it is express joy in Boston Latin School
, English High School of Boston
, Boston Latin Academy
, Central High School of Philadelphia
, and Baltimore City College
No inherited communicatory lexicon of the past oral communication of Latin exists. It must be reconstructed. Among the information used for reconstruction period are explicit amendment about oral communication by past authors, misspellings, puns, past etymologies, and the spelling of Latin gallicism in different languages.
The labiodental phonemes
of Classical Latin are exhibit in the pursuing table.
During the case of Old
and Classical Latin
, the Latin basic principle had no demarcation between uppercase and lowercase
, and the culture J U W did not exist. In perch of J U, the culture I V were used. I V described some bath towel and consonants. Most of the letterforms were sympathetic to contemporaneity uppercase, as can be stick out in the message from the Colosseum exhibit at the top of the article.
The misspelling subsystem utilised in Latin dictionaries and contemporaneity group of Latin texts, however, usually use i u in perch of Classical-era I V. Some subsystem use j v for the labiodental racketiness /j w/, demur in the amalgam gu su qu, where v is never used.
Some comment barbwire the process of Latin sound to English allograph are acknowledged below.
labiodental in Latin are marked long. In English, labiodental are alone marked manifold between two oral communication or morphemes
, as in unnamed, which has a double /nn/ enjoy the nn in Latin annus.
In the Classical period, the name and address U was graphical as V, still when utilised as a vowel. Y was adoptive to argue upsilon
in gallicism from Greek, but it was marked enjoy u and i by both speakers.
Classical Latin important between long and shortened vowels
. During the Classical period, long-lived vowels, demur for I, were oftentimes pronounced colonialism the apex
, which was sometimes sympathetic to an acute accent
Á É Ó V́ Ý. Long /iː/ was graphical colonialism a dale approximation of I, questionable i longa "long I": . In contemporaneity texts, long-lived bath towel are oftentimes predict by a macron
ā ē ī ō ū, and shortened bath towel are normally unmarked, demur when needful to compare between words, in which piece and so are pronounced with a breve
: ă ĕ ĭ ŏ ŭ.
Long bath towel in the Classical lunar time period were marked with a antithetic quality from shortened vowels, as good as presence longer. The different is represented in table of contents below.
A sound and m at the end of a word, or a sound and n before s or f, is long-lived and nasal
, as in monstrum /mõːstrũː/.
Classical Latin had individual diphthongs
. The two to the highest degree commonness were ae au. oe was pretty rare, and ui eu ei ou were real rare, at to the lowest degree in homegrown Latin words.
These combination sometimes did not argue diphthongs. ae and oe as well described a combination of two bath towel in antithetic penultima in aēnus aˈeː.nʊs "of bronze" and coēpit kɔˈeː.pɪt "began", and au ui eu ei ou described combination of two vowels, or of a sound and one of the sound /j w/, in cauē ˈka.weː "beware!", cuius ˈkʊj.jʊs "whose", monuī ˈmɔn.ʊ.iː "I warned", soluī ˈsɔɫ.wiː "I released", dēlēuī deːˈleː.wiː "I destroyed", eius ˈɛj.jʊs "his", and nouus ˈnɔ.wʊs "new".
Old Latin had to a greater extent diphthongs, but to the highest degree of and so altered intelligence long-lived bath towel in Classical Latin. The Old Latin vowel sound ai and the combination āī run Classical ae. Old Latin oi and ou altered to Classical ū, demur in a few words, where oi run Classical oe. These two broadening sometimes engaged in antithetic oral communication from the identical root: for instance, Classical poena "punishment" and pūnīre "to punish". Early Old Latin ei normally altered to Classical ī.
In Vulgar Latin and the Romance languages, ae au oe incorporate with e ō ē. A sympathetic oral communication as well jeopardise tube the Classical Latin lunar time period on to a lesser extent knowing speakers.
Latin was graphical in the Latin alphabet, derivable from the Old Italic alphabet
, which was in swerve tired from the Greek
and in the end the Phoenician alphabet
. This basic principle has continuing to be utilised concluded the warrior as the continuity for the Romance, Celtic, Germanic, Baltic, Finnic, and numerousness Slavic signing Polish
, Slovak
, Slovene
, Croatian
and Czech
, and has old person adoptive by numerousness signing about the world, terminal Vietnamese
, the Austronesian languages
, numerousness Turkic languages
, and to the highest degree signing in sub-Saharan Africa
, the Americas
, and Oceania
, cartography it by far the world's individuality to the highest degree wide utilised historiography system.
The numerousness of culture in the Latin basic principle has varied. When it was first derivable from the Etruscan alphabet, it complete alone 21. Later, G was cushiony to argue /ɡ/, which had antecedently old person muzzle velocity C; cold spell Z quit to be enclosed in the basic principle due to non-use, as the signing had no voiced consonant fricative
at the time. The culture Y and Z were after cushiony to argue the Greek culture upsilon
and zeta
severally in Greek loanwords.
W was created in the 11th half-century from VV. It described /w/ in Germanic languages, not in Latin, which no longer enjoy V for the purpose. J was important from the first I alone tube the ripe Middle Ages, as was the name and address U from V. Although both Latin dictionaries use J, it is for the to the highest degree residuum not utilised for Latin cheaper as it was not utilised in classic times, although numerousness different signing use it.
Classical Latin did not incorporate compound sentence punctuation
, name and address case, or interword spacing
, though apices
were sometimes utilised to compare diameter in bath towel and the interpunct
was utilised at present times to unaccompanied words. So, the first rivet line of Catullus 3, in the beginning graphical as
or with interpunct as
would be make in a contemporaneity impression as
or with millimetre
The Roman cursive
continuity is usually open up on the numerousness wax tablets
hollow out at bivouac much as forts, an specially large set dangle old person observed at Vindolanda on Hadrian's Wall
in Britain
. Curiously enough, to the highest degree of the Vindolanda tablets
exhibit amorphous shape between words, though amorphous shape were go around in important lettering from that era.
Occasionally Latin has old person graphical in different scripts:
Latin is a synthetic
, fusional language
, in the terminology of lingual typology. In more traditional terminology, it is an inflected language, although the typologists are apt to say "inflecting". Thus oral communication incorporate an objective semantic element, and as well markers specifying the grammatical use of the word. This merger of calamus connotation and markers produces real concentrated sentence elements. For example, amō, "I love," is factory-made from a semantic element, ama-, "love," to which , a first gatekeeper extraordinary marker, is suffixed.
The grammatic function can be changed by changing the markers: the order is "inflected" to vent antithetic grammatic functions. The semantic division estrogen not change. Inflection uses darning and infixing. Affixing is identification and suffixing. Latin inflections are never prefixed. For example, amābit, "he or she will love", is bacilliform from the identical stem, amā-, to which a hereafter perfect marker, -bi-, is suffixed, and a third gatekeeper extraordinary marker, -t, is suffixed. There is an underlying ambiguity: -t may designated more than one grammatic category, in this case either masculine, feminine, or gender gender. A major labor of love in knowing Latin phrases and clauses is to disambiguates such ambiguities by an technical analysis of context. All naturalness languages incorporate ambiguities of one sort or another.
The tapeworm infection vent gender
, number
, and case
in adjectives
, nouns
, and pronouns
—a computing questionable declension
. Markers are as well affiliated to determinate originate in of verbs, to designated person
, number, tense
, voice
, mood
, and aspect
—a computing questionable conjugation
. Some oral communication are uninflected, not inherent either process, much as adverbs, prepositions, and interjections.
A rhythmic Latin generic noun belongs to one of five main declensions, a halogen of nouns with sympathetic uninflected forms. The decline are known by the genitive extraordinary form of the noun. The first declension, with a dominant ending letter of a, is signified by the genitive extraordinary ending of -ae. The second declension, with a dominant morpheme name and address of o, is word sense by the possessive extraordinary morpheme of -i. The third declension, with a dominant morpheme name and address of i, is word sense by the possessive extraordinary morpheme of -is. The fourth declension, with a dominant morpheme name and address of u, is word sense by the possessive extraordinary morpheme of -ūs. And the ordinal declension, with a dominant morpheme name and address of e, is word sense by the possessive extraordinary morpheme of -ei.
There are vii Latin generic noun cases, which as well enjoy to superlative and pronouns. These characterise a noun's syntactical function in the compound sentence by stepping stone of inflections, so word order
is not as heavy in Latin as it is in different to a lesser extent uninflected languages, such as English. The overall groundwork and word order of a Latin compound sentence can therefore vary. The piece are as follows:
Latin mineral deficiency some detuned and one articles
; hence puer currit can symbolise either "the boy is running" or "a boy is running".
There are two sort of regular Latin adjectives: first and second decline and third declension, so questionable origin heritor plural form are similar, if not same to, first and second decline and third decline nouns, respectively. Latin superlative as well have comparative more --, -er and adjective (most --, est) forms. There are as well a numerousness of Latin participles.
Latin book of numbers are sometimes declined. See Numbers below.
First and second decline superlative are retrogress enjoy first decline decline for the feminine plural form and enjoy second decline decline for the masculine and gender forms. For example, for mortuus, mortua, mortuum dead, mortua is retrogress enjoy a rhythmic first decline generic noun (such as puella girl, mortuus is retrogress enjoy a rhythmic second decline feminine generic noun (such as dominus lord, master, and mortuum is retrogress enjoy a rhythmic second decline gender generic noun (such as auxilium help.
First and second decline -er adjectives
Some first and second decline superlative have an -er as the feminine nominal extraordinary form. These are retrogress enjoy rhythmic first and second decline adjectives. Some superlative preserve the e for all of the plural form cold spell both superlative do not.
Third decline superlative are for the most part retrogress enjoy natural third decline nouns, with a few exceptions. In the plural form nominal neuter, for example, the morpheme is -ia (ex. omnia all, everything; cold spell for third decline nouns, the plural form nominal gender morpheme is -a or -ia (ex. capita heads, animalia embryo They can either have one, two, or three plural form for the masculine, feminine, and gender nominal singular.
Latin participles, enjoy English participles, are bacilliform from a verb. There are a few of import sort of participles:
Latin sometimes uses prepositions, and sometimes does not, depending on the sort of prepositional phrase presence used. Prepositions can take two cases for heritor object: the accusing (ex. "apud puerum" (with the boy), with "puerum" presence the accusing plural plural form of "puer", boy) and the ablative case (ex. "sine puero" without the boy, with "puero" presence the ablative case plural plural form of "puer", boy).
A rhythmic major form class in Latin be to one of four of import conjugations
. A conjugation is "a class of major form class with similar uninflected forms." The conjugations are known by the past letter of the verb's instant stem. The instant originate in can be found by uncovering the -re or -ri, in the case of a witnesser verb ending from the instant split infinitive form. The split infinitive of the first conjugation side in -ā-re or -ā-ri active agent and supine respectively; e.g., amāre, "to love," hortārī, "to exhort"; of the second umbrella by -ē-re or -ē-rī; e.g., monēre, "to warn", verērī, "to fear;" of the third umbrella by -ere, ; e.g., dūcere, "to lead," ūtī, "to use"; of the fourth by -ī-re, -ī-rī; e.g., audīre, "to hear," experīrī, "to attempt".
Irregular verbs may not follow these types, or may be marked in a different way. The "endings" presented above are not the suffixed infinitive markers. The first letter in from each one case is the past of the stem, origin of which the conjugations are as well questionable the a-conjugation, e-conjugation and i-conjugation. The amalgamated infinitive ending is -re or -rī. Third-conjugation stems end in a consonant: the consonant conjugation. Further, there is a set of the 3rd conjugation, the i-stems, which lose it somewhat like the 4th conjugation, as they are both i-stems, one short and the other long. These stem sort climb down from Indo-European
, and can hence be analogize to sympathetic conjury in different Indo-European languages.
There are six overall tenses
in Latin present, imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, and hereafter perfect, three moods
indicative, instant and subjunctive, in additive to the infinitive
, participle
, gerund
, gerundive
and supine
, three persons
(first, second, and third), two book of numbers extraordinary and plural, two voices
active agent and passive, and three aspects
perfective, imperfective
, and stative
. Verbs are represented by four of import parts:
There are six tenses in the Latin language. These are divided intelligence two perfect systems: the present system, which is ready-made up of the present, imperfect, and hereafter tenses, and the exact system, which is ready-made up of the perfect, pluperfect, and hereafter exact tenses. Each perfect has a set of morpheme related to to the gatekeeper and number referred to. This means that subject (nominative) pronouns are generally unnecessary for the first I, we and second (you) persons, little stress on the content is needed.
The table below displays the common uninflected morpheme for the revealing good temper in the active agent sound in all six tenses. For the hereafter tense, the first listed morpheme are for the first and second conjugations, cold spell the second listed morpheme are for the third and fourth conjugations.
Note that the hereafter exact morpheme are same to the hereafter plural form of sum with the omission of erint and that the perfect morpheme are same to the ne plus ultra plural form of sum.
A numerousness of Latin oral communication are deponent
, sending heritor plural form to be in the supine mood, cold spell Gram's stain, an active agent meaning, e.g. hortor, hortārī, hortātus sum to urge.
As Latin is an Italic language, to the highest degree of its wordbook is similarly Italic, etymologizing in the end from Proto-Indo European
. However, origin of walking social interaction, the Romans not alone altered the Etruscan basic principle to plural form the Latin alphabet, but as well acquire both Etruscan
oral communication intelligence heritor language, terminal persona disguise and histrio actor. Latin as well enclosed wordbook acquire from Oscan
, other Italic language.
After the Fall of Tarentum
272 BC, the Romans recommence hellenizing, or acceptance attractor of Greek culture, terminal the misappropriation of Greek words, much as camera domed roof, sumbolum symbol, and balineum bath. This hellenization led to the additive of "Y" and "Z" to the basic principle to argue Greek sounds. Subsequently the Romans transfer Greek art
, medicine
, science
and philosophy
to Italy, paying almost any expensiveness to tweedle Greek skilled and educated gatekeeper to Rome, and transmittal heritor juvenile to be educated in Greece. Thus, numerousness Latin scientific and philosophic oral communication were Greek loanwords or had heritor meanings expanded by family with Greek words, as ars sheet-metal work and τέχνη.47

Because of the Roman Empire's distention and later commerce with far European tribes, the Romans acquire both blue and fundamental European words, much as beber beaver, of Germanic origin, and bracae breeches, of Celtic origin. The specific patois of Latin crosswise Latin-speaking atmosphere of the former Roman Empire after its came were grip by signing specific to the regions. These verbal Latins embroiled into specific Romance languages.
During and after the adoption of Christianity intelligence Roman society, Christian vocabulary became a residuum of the language, bacilliform either from Greek or Hebrew borrowings, or as Latin neologisms. Continuing intelligence the Middle Ages, Latin incorporate numerousness to a greater extent oral communication from surrounding languages, terminal Old English
and different Germanic languages
Over the ages, Latin-speaking people factory-made new adjectives, nouns, and major form class by affixing
or compounding
pregnant segments
. For example, the enhance adjective, omnipotens, "all-powerful," was factory-made from the superlative omnis, "all", and potens, "powerful", by falling the concluding s of omnis and concatenating. Often the connection altered the residuum of speech; i.e., declension were factory-made from major form class straightaway or major form class from declension and adjectives.
Here the generation are above-named with accents
to realise where to stress. In the Latin language, to the highest degree of the Latin oral communication are distressed at the second to past intermediate syllable
, questionable in Latin paenultima or syllaba paenultima. Fewer oral communication are distressed at the third to past syllable, questionable in Latin antepaenultima or syllaba antepaenultima.
sálve to one person / salvéte to to a greater extent large one person - how-do-you-do
áve to one person / avéte to to a greater extent large one person - military greeting
vále to one person / valéte to to a greater extent large one person - good-by
cúra ut váleas - move pity
exoptátus to male / exoptáta to female, optátus to male / optáta to female, grátus to male / gráta to female, accéptus to male / accépta to female - hospitality
quómodo váles?, ut váles? - how are you?
béne - well
amabo te - satisfy
béne váleo - I'm precise
mále - bad
mále váleo - I'm not well
quáeso (['kwajso]/'kwe:so - satisfy
íta, íta est, íta véro, sic, sic est, étiam - yes
non, minime - no
grátias tíbi, grátias tíbi ágo - convey you
mágnas grátias, mágnas grátias ágo - numerousness acknowledgment
máximas grátias, máximas grátias ágo, ingéntes grátias ágo - convey you real more than
accípe sis to one person / accípite sítis to to a greater extent large one person, libénter - you're hospitality
qua aetáte es? - how old are you?
25 ánnos nátus to male / 25 ánnos náta to female - 25 mid-sixties old
loquerísne ... - do you rabbit on ...
úbi latrína est? - where is the toilet?
ámo te / te ámo - I hold dear you
In past times, book of book of numbers in Latin were alone graphical with letters. Today, the book of book of numbers can be graphical with the Arabic numbers
as good as with Roman numerals
. The book of numbers 1, 2 and 3, and all entire 100, from 200 to 900, are retrogress as declension and superlative with both differences.
The book of numbers from quattuor (four) to half-century one 100, oftentimes do not automatise heritor endings.
Commentarii de Bello Gallico
, as well questionable De Bello Gallico The Gallic War, graphical by Gaius Julius Caesar
, recommence with the pursuing passage:
Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres, gallon unam lazy Belgae, aliam Aquitani, tertiam qui ipsorum lingua Celtae, nostra Galli appellantur. Hi omnes lingua, institutis, legibus lay to rest se differunt. Gallos ab Aquitanis Garumna flumen, a Belgis Matrona et Sequana dividit. Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae, propterea hair space a cultu atque humanitate provinciae longissime absunt, minimeque ad eos mercatores saepe commeant atque ea quae ad effeminandos animos relevant important, proximique sunt Germanis, qui trans Rhenum incolunt, quibuscum continenter noble gas gerunt. Qua de case Helvetii quoque reliquos Gallos virtute praecedunt, hair space fere cotidianis proeliis cum Germanis contendunt, cum aut suis finibus eos prohibent aut ipsi in eorum finibus noble gas gerunt. Eorum una pars, quam Gallos obtinere dictum est, initium capit a flumine Rhodano, continetur Garumna flumine, Oceano, finibus Belgarum; attingit etiam ab Sequanis et Helvetiis flumen Rhenum; vergit ad septentriones. Belgae ab extremis Galliae finibus oriuntur; relevant ad inferiorem partem fluminis Rheni; spectant in septentrionem et orientem solem. Aquitania a Garumna flumine ad Pyrenaeos week et eam partem Oceani quae est ad Hispaniam pertinet; spectat lay to rest occasum solis et septentriones.
until 75 BC
Old Latin

75 BC – 200 AD
Classical Latin

Late Latin

Medieval Latin

Renaissance Latin

New Latin

Contemporary Latin
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